Being a Good Manager

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Being a Good Manager

Many factors contribute to being a good and effective manager. Being a manager requires many skills to be able to manage a whole system to perfection. A manager must have the time management skills, organizing skills, communication skills, and being able to resolve conflicts to the best of his ability. But there are three main things that truly make up a good manager: Managing time, setting realistic goals/tasks, and being able to effectively communicate and motivate the employers and employees.

The first characteristic any good manager would say he has is time management. Being a manager is stressful enough when dealing with an entire store or company, but when deadlines are not meant things tend to fall apart. A manager must budget his time wisely to keep the company flowing smoothly. Good time management can lead to greater effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity around the work place.

According to Drew Guarini of The Huffington Post, 53% of managers say the hardest part of being a manager is “having to cover multiple jobs” and another 50% said the hardest part was “not having enough time to get everything done.” Therefore, time management to a manager is not an easy skill one can just pick up without experience. This skilled must be sharpened over the years as one begins to realize what time management skills work for specific types of businesses and different sized businesses.

Good time management then leads to the next main characteristic: setting goals and tasks. Setting goals for a company or even a small business can lead to either a huge success or a complete failure. A wise manager will set many goals for a business that are realistic, not easy nor hard. The goals must be obtainable so the employees know the manager is setting good goals. Once these some of these goals are reached, trust is...
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