Being a Blonde Haired Girl

Topics: Blond, Stereotype, Stereotypes Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Leah Schalow
Being a Blonde Haired Girl
Throughout my life many times I have heard the common snickering of…. “What do you call a blonde with half a brain?”……. “Gifted!”, or “What do a blonde and a coke bottle have in common?”…… “They are both empty from the neck up!” Although, yes, many times people find themselves cracking up at these dumb ‘harmless’ jokes, they are unconsciously supporting the stereotype that blondes are stupid. Even though these jokes are meant to be inoffensive; to some they remain stereotypical and inevitably discriminative. It is common in our society, no matter what the situation is, for a person to involuntarily judge another primarily based on their outward appearance before they obtain any knowledge of what kind of person they are. Universally, Blonde women are denounced as dumb, before they have even released a breath, or even spoken a word to give an acquaintance a mere hint of their intelligence level. Despite the fact that many blondes ‘hate’ to be perceived as dumb, our society is making it incredibly hard to avoid with the use of celebrities, actresses, movies, and tabloids. Being a blonde woman has put me in a group whether I like it or not. Being blonde has negative and positive effects on a person with this hair color.

First of all, let's take a little look at where this whole "dumb blonde" idea comes from. One theory is that the ancient. Greeks and Romans so admired their flaxen-haired neighbors to the north, they would bleach their hair to make it blonde. Seeing as they didn't exactly have the health standards we have today, a considerable amount of bleach repeatedly placed on the scalp and being inhaled could have some effect on one's mental status.

Another theory is that in the Middle Ages, while the lords and ladies pranced around and shaded their delicate features, common people worked outdoors in the fields and became tanned and their hair grew lighter. As the lower classes didn't usually have a formal education,...
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