Being Young

Topics: Sport, Health, Personal life Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Being a young person in Singapore, I know I have the power to make things better… As a Secondary 2 student in the Singapore Sports School, I feel that I am more able to play a part in making Singapore a better place to live in as sports has the power to move people. My plan – to excel in the sport of fencing. How can that help? I believe that if I do well in my sport, I will not only achieve my dream, but I can also become a credible and respected source of change for the better. Firstly, a successful sportsman can easily promote to the masses, the importance of healthy living. More people will hopefully recognise the benefits of exercise and sports and lead longer, healthier and happier lives. Secondly, my sport has helped me tremendously in achieving my academic success. Many people think that sports will tire you out and thus make you unable to study properly. This could not be further from the truth! For me, fencing has not only helped me to focus better on my studies, but when I am tired, the physical nature of fencing actually revitalises me. I think this is true for most sports. People need to know that sports do in fact boost learning! My friend Kai from my fencing club stopped fencing for a year to prepare for his PSLE (a choice not his, but his parents). He was made to do two sets of past years school exam papers for each subject. For me, I was much more fortunate. Only one set of past exam papers that I did not complete, and I only had to stop fencing for two weeks and that was when the actual PSLE exam took place. Our PSLE scores were the same! Although sports do take up time, with proper time management, anything can be achieved. I would teach school children the importance of time management. This, I feel, is a life-long skill that is essential to being successful in all aspects of life. Thirdly, as a sports ‘celebrity’, I could also champion other worthy causes like promoting environmentally...
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