Being Unionized or Union-Free

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Being Unionized or Union-Free
In this paper I will discuss the steps and actions an employer will need to take to avoid a union, and how to achieve strong, lasting and positive employee relations. This will ultimately be done by understanding why employees choose unions. The steps that employers can take is by added various training programs against unions, require attendance of employees in anti-union meetings, and hiring outside labor relations consultants to block all attempts against union organizing. Steps to Avoidance

There are six major steps that an employer can take to prevent unionization: Learn the facts about the Employee Free Choice Act
According to U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s website “The Employee Free Choice Act better known as the Card Check bill—is a proposed law that would change how unions are allowed to organize workers in the United States (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2010).” Conduct yearly employee relations audit

By conducting yearly audits, you can communicate with your employees. The best way this is done is by using an outside vendor. This is important because you will get unfiltered information from your employee, in turn you are becoming aware of your employees true perceptions of their work environment, wither positive or negative. This also gives employees a platform to address their concerns. Educate you workforce about unions and card signing

By educating your employees about the legal consequences of signing a union authorization card/petition and the negative penalties of joining a union, will make them much less likely to be mislead by a union representative. Have management training on labor every few months

One of your best first line defenses to preventing union organizing activity is to have a well trained and knowledgeable management team. If your management team doesn´t have the skill set to quickly identify and react to the onset of potential union activity, it may be too late to stop a union petition....
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