Being Successful

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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Being successful overall is hard to accomplish. There has to be lots of time associated with having success. Also, you have to portray great qualities, skills and experience to excel in your career. Five of the most important qualities is self-motivation, interpersonal skills, thinking strategically, innovation and being open to change. In this paper I will explain how these qualities fit into my personal success throughout my life, education and career. By using habits, knowledge and mindsets necessary to succeed.

First off, to be successful in life you have to especially being able to save money which can be considered a habit. Knowing which direction to head and what road to take. Also, you have to have your mind set for success, you’ll drift off if not. My strength in this situation would be keeping my eyes on the prize. I don’t think I’ll ever take a detour to having a successful life. I’m too self motivated to stop. My weakness is getting in a habit of saving money. Saving is a big problem for me. I plan to change it by understanding you can achieve life goals, but without money there is no success.

Second, will be getting in the habit of doing homework. Knowledge of being in an environment where there’s all the necessary for your career and use this to your advantage. Doing your best on every piece of work presented to you is a great mindset to have. My strength is doing homework when assigned. I always want to be on top of work and where I need to be. Taking advantage of resources at school is a weakness of mine. I do not take the time to search for extra help. I need to take initiative to find more help stay ahead instead of where I need to be. Last and especially not least, is my future career. I’m going to school to be a medical administrative assistant. In this career you have to communicate exceptionally well with others to get the patients. The habits of this career is getting into interpersonal skills patients and employees and getting to on...
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