Being Punctual

Topics: Time management, Management, Punctuality Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: April 8, 2013
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For many years, the business environment has been run according to a set schedule. Documents have to be in by certain times, quotas need to be made by certain dates, and so forth and so on. According to there is more to being timely with tasks than just finishing on time. They say that “it involves a degree of commitment to the job role, organization and time management, travel planning, and an awareness or understanding of the importance of being on time and behaving responsibly or professionally whilst at work.” However, if someone misses an important time/date, many things could go wrong. Therefore, for businessmen who would want to stand out and prove that they are the best over everyone else, practicing time management such as being punctual with assignments, tasks, and duties can only benefit them greatly. Even doing the littlest things in a day can improve one’s time schedule, make one more appealing to their boss, as well as making one feel better as a person. A person can do a few things to help with this: On the job strategies, aids/products, and even service from another individual can help. So, maybe more can be done to cause someone to be that better person, and once one masters being punctual, it will benefit him/her more than just in the workplace. To start off, I will be explaining how not having good time management could truly affect a person. Having bad time habits can cause many problems. There are some common bad habits that most people fall victim to: having poor skills usually are caused by people either procrastinating with their work, not having the self-motivation, or getting easily distracted are just a few of these bad habits. Working on these bad time habits can improve the quality of life. People mostly learn to manage time from a young age. But, as one’s life gets busier, he/she can be more susceptible to poor time management and the busier the life is, the greater the consequences will be if one...
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