Being Pregnant

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Delia Castro
Alan Webb
English 1301
Being Pregnant

As we grow up, we go through a series of experiences; some good and other bad. Some of us have had the experience of riding a bike, going out of the country, or maybe just graduating from high school. I have had many exciting experiences through out my life, but the one that I value more and has changed my life is being pregnant and giving birth to my daughter.

Being pregnant with my daughter was a wonderful experience. I was thrilled since the fist day we found out that I was pregnant. Not only was I happy to know that I was pregnant, I was also scared because everything was changing. As the days passed by my stomach was growing and I no longer fit into my skinny jeans. I know had to eat for two; therefore I gained some extra pounds! All of a sudden I looked like if I was carrying a basketball on my abdominal. Everyday I woke up thanking God for one more day of life for my child and me. During this pregnancy, I learned that my eating habits changed. What I used to love eating before now I couldn’t eat or stand the smell of it. One time my husband got home with beautiful roses and my favorite chocolate bar. As we sat down to enjoy our favorite television show I was ready to enjoy my chocolate bar, and as soon as I had one bite of that bar I vomited on my husband! He had to throw the shirt he was wearing because either of us dare to throw it in the washer! I didn’t like seafood before I was pregnant, and now I love it! I would crave seafood day and night for nine months.

Being pregnant also changed my life because now the decisions I made not only affected me, but also affected my unborn child. I now could not just get up and go as I please even if I was tired. Now I had to relax, rest, and sleep my 8 hours a day. I slept for 8 hours a day even if I didn’t wanted to because I felt tired all the time. Healthy foods were the first one on my list every time that I went to the grocery...
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