Being Poor in America-Contextual Analysis

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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Being Poor In America

At one point or another, whether we grew up poor or are living as poor college students now, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and the vast majority of us think we know very well what it means to be poor. And while many of us are fortunate never to know true poverty, we are rarely so fortunate to know true financial security. Many Americans are only a small medical emergency or moderate natural disasters away from extreme financial distress, or even bankruptcy. The authors of The Glass Castle and Being Poor extraordinarily impact their readers about the issue of poverty based on their own experiences, the time periods, and their specific childhoods.

Through her autobiographical book entitled The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls unveils her life story. Memories from her childhood until she grew up were lyrically written in her book as she reveals her life experiences as a member of the Walls family. Many people think that being poor is a choice and America is full of stereotypes about poor people. They are thought to be lazy or have no ambition. Jeanette’s story paints a clear picture of how she manages to survive extreme poverty until now, and proves that she did not choose to be poor. The Glass Castle is full revelation full of revelation, however Jeanette never blames her disappointments in life on anyone. Instead, she faces the world and shares her deepest, darkest secrets to experience freedom from poverty through her book. Walls shows the readers how a daughter can express her gratitude to her parents for giving her this experience that she has learned from and has influenced her life in such a way that she can talk about her past and has no fear of being embarrassed of what others might think. By sharing her life story, her novel left an extraordinary impact on its readers as the family moves from city to city as they endure many hardship’s. It happened between the years 1957 to...
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