Being Petite

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  • Published : March 17, 2012
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Firstly, you’re probably thinking why I chose this topic. Secondly, I bet the answer is sinking in your mind now. And thirdly, I bet you are laughing inside. Well, this is for those who discriminate petite girls, who are petite girls, and for those who wants to hear my side. Gals and guys, good morning!

Let’s start with the word “petite.” According to the online dictionary, “petite” applies to a girl who is small and slender. If you’re height is about 5’4’’ or less, you are considered petite by fashion standards. I, myself, carry a height of 4’11’’ and a waistline of 24. It’s so obvious I’m one of those petite girls in the world. Being petite has its ups and downs. Many people make fun of us. And it doesn’t help that many petites feel the same. Let me tell you some disadvantages of being petite. According to my own experience, I have difficulty of searching for size extra small or even small. And it frustrates me if I see a gorgeous dress but doesn’t fit my size. I also have this redundant experience of hiding my true age because it doesn’t fir my features. And being a girl who dreams to be a runaway model someday is heartbreaking. I know some of you can relate.

There are three things I often tell myself when it comes to this. First, it’s not our fault. Second, it’s your fault we feel like this. And third, well maybe it’s my fault after all. My fault for the reason I didn’t help myself to grow when it was my growing stage. I have my regrets, but I come to accept it.

Well, don’t worry petite girls. Our size has major advantages in the world today. I’m proud to say being petite always manages to make us very attractive. Isn’t it? Most guys prefer petite girls. They don’t want girls to be taller than them. In this way, they can protect them. Some tall girls prefer our size in this matter. Petite girls can always wear the highest heels they want. Being petite also makes girls cute. “Hey cute!” you’re probably sick of hearing this a lot as I do,...
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