“Being Part of a Team Is More Important Than Leading It.”

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As soon as the topic “Being part of a team is more important then leading it” was given as an assignment to be submitted in the form of an essay, I thought to myself what is there to discuss about it? Of course leading is more important then being just part of a team. It was indeed the first thought, the confusion was increasing as I focused more on the topic. Being part of the team is important as well. Indeed it needs to be discussed briefly to reach to the conclusion by discussing both positions i.e. a team player and a leader.

Team player work inter-dependently and work towards both personal and team goals, and he understand these goals are accomplished best by mutual support. Being part of a team gives a sense of ownership towards their role in the group because they committed themselves to goals they helped create. Team players collaborate together and use their talent and experience to contribute to the success of the team's objectives. They base their success on trust and encourage all members to express their opinions, varying views, and questions. Team Players make a conscious effort to be honest, respectful, and listen to every person's point of view. They are encouraged to offer their skills and knowledge. Team players participate equally in decision-making

John C. Maxwell has mentioned that a team player shall have the following essential qualities 1.Adaptable - If you won’t change for the team, the team may change you 2.Collaborative - Working together precedes winning together 3.Committed - There are no halfhearted champions

4.Communicative - A team is many voices with a single heart 5.Competent - If you can’t, your team won’t
6.Dependable - Team go to Go-To players
7.Disciplined - Where there’s a will, there’s a win
8.Enlarging - Adding value to teammates is invaluable
9.Enthusiastic - Your heart is the source of energy for the team 10.Intentional – Make every action count
11.Mission conscious – The Big Picture is coming in loud and clear 12.Prepared – Preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing 13.Relational – If you get along, others will go along

14.Self- improving – To improve the team, improve yourself 15.Selfless – There is no “I” in team
16.Solution- oriented – make a resolution to find the solution 17.Tenacious – Never, never, never quit
(The 17 essential qualities of a team player)

After reviewing the essential qualities of a team player we also need to understand the importance of teamwork. It is very well written in a newspaper article regarding the teamwork. “What does "teamwork" and being part of a "team" mean to you? To me, teamwork is very important and essential in achieving the most successful outcome. It's demonstrated when multiple people with different skill sets work together toward a common objective. Being part of a team not only provides us a social network, but it gives a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Being part of a team requires us to get to know each other and that isn’t always an easy undertaking or one without conflict; however, that shouldn’t stop us from working as a team”

A recent example of being a team player is a proposal submitted regarding website development where I was also a part of the team. There were five people in the group from different backgrounds and holding different nationalities. Initially the task seemed difficult, as none of us were expert in IT neither in creating a proposal. During our first meeting we found out the specialties of the team members and distributed the tasks relevant to their experience. The whole RFP was broken up in five parts was distributed in way that the first team player was responsible for cover letter, table of content and executive summary. The second team player was responsible for cost summary, contractual consideration and timeline. The third team player was responsible for coming up with the benefits to use our company to build the website. The fourth...
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