Being of Help to Others

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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I am writing an essay explaining whether people should be more concerned about others than about themselves. I think we should care more about others than yourself, because some people need serious help. Sometimes they can’t get that help without someone else’s support. Caring about someone more than yourself is important because some people can’t defend or take care of themselves which is quite sad. It’s great to care about someone else because think about abused children they can’t help themselves at all who knows there parents might’ve didn’t teach them right and that’s not good if they were abused than they would probably treat other people like that and it’s not healthy. I think of others before myself like when a homeless person is on the street I give them money, some of homeless people are skinny too skinny. Sometimes I think of the children in Africa starving and here we are eating getting fatter and fatter not thinking about no one but themselves. You should help when someone’s on drugs because they can’t stop its addictive, that’s when they need our help the most because drugs kill and our population is going down. It depends on the problem if it’s not important or if it’s not a dying cause then you can worry about yourself once in a while. Thinking about yourself is important but thinking about others is more important, and that’s why I always think of others before myself, you never know what they’ve been through. They could’ve had a horrible tragedy in their family and we might need to comfort them instead of worrying about ourselves. I love helping others and I hope you do to because there’s nothing better than seeing a smile on someone’s face that needs help and you helped them overcome that obstacle. You never know you might need the help later but someone will help you because God saw your heart. When you don’t help anyone then that’s really sad because people need help and I hope this changes your mind if you never helped a person....
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