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Being More Human with the Help of Science

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Being More Human with the Help of Science

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  • November 2008
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Hasan Demircioğlu
20 November 2008

Science has solved the problems that related to human for ages. However, it also brings threats and doubts such as destructive nature to morality and beliefs while helping human like making them save time by discovering technological products and improving their life. One of the most common questions about this issue is “What is the total? Does science bring more threats than benefits or just the opposite?” This question has been a question mark in peoples’ head, mostly in the people who are working on the relation between science and religion. Appleyard and Sagan are two of them and they wrote articles about this issue. Appleyard demonstrates threats of science while considering the relation between religion and science in his book named Understanding the Present. He supports that science is more of a threat at the same time he acknowledges science works. In contrast, Sagan writes about human-centered cosmos while illustrating efficiency of science and relation between science and religion in his writing named “A Universe Not Made for us”. He supports the idea that science more of a blessing by exemplifying products of science and detracting the idea that science is destructive for religions and morality. Benefits of science outnumber threats of it due to the meaningful products of science and it can be a hope for human to reach the universe that everything is known, which is known as theory of everything. Threats of the science are less significant than the benefits, as opposed to Appleyard’s arguments. Science is a package of logical solutions to life. Science accommodates people find out solutions to their problems in the life. People have learned most of the things such as worlds shape, how to transport faster, how to tame an animal and so forth in life with the help of science. In the evolutionary progress of human beings, science has provided a lot of...

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