Being Innovative and Creative: Burger King

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  • Published : January 5, 2012
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Being innovative and creative is the key to having a successful thriving competitive company which can compete and stay in business due to their competitive advantages towards other companies in the same industry. The fast food industry is very competitive with there being a number of fast food restaurants. With Burger King seeking to become more innovative and creative it would benefit the company in generating bigger profits and productivity; Burger King would stay competitive to survive the fast food industry. Vice president of Burger King Leo Leon keeps Burger King thriving over innovation with its new and improved French fries concentrating on upgrading menu items within the quick-service industry. It’s been since 1998 since Burger King has decided to innovate within their French fries. The new French fries will be wider, with enhanced potato taste and crisp goldish-brown lusciousness from the outside. Seven-thousand Burger King Restaurants will have the fries by December 5, 2011. Burger King is also promoting this debut by offering free small fries on December 16 with no purchase necessary. Burger King upgrading in their menu and self-serve ice cream and desserts are all innovative continuous improvement on their products to maximize their profits and grow within their company. The launch of the new fries is claimed to be the best French fries in America which would not only maximize profits but grow the Burger King image to another level. Leo Leon mentions, “At Burger King, we constantly strive to make every item on our menu the best it can be. We believe our new fries are the latest example of our commitment to quality and innovation, and we invite everyone to visit our restaurants and taste the difference.” Innovation and creativity will benefit Burger King maintaining place number 2 in the burger chain but competition will keep on rising due to competitors.
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