Being Different

Topics: High school, Abuse, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: June 5, 2008
Being different, How and why are people different? If you stop and think you will begin to realize that being different is everyday life for all of us. Being excluded from an activity or being looked upon different due to ones personal bias and beliefs. Being judged on your appearance and social class, these actions are ordinary in today’s society. Against the beliefs of many who say humans should be judged by what’s on the inside rather than on the outside. From race and religion to what kind of clothes you wear. Ones personal preferences and bias should not influence the way that they look upon you as a person. Growing up in my Junior High and High School years, I have seen and heard about people I know, and people I don’t know being treated unpleasantly in those ways. For instance, a new student in school was from another background and of a different race. He was the most thoughtful, compassionate, admiral student in the school who meant not to cause detriment to anyone, yet he was the one treated with the least respect and given an abundance of discouragement. As I started to notice it, I couldn’t believe the hateful and disgusting remarks that this student was receiving from his classmates. In viewing the rude behavior by his classmates, I started to realize how discriminating some people can still be against different races and ethnicity. Some of the students played tricks on him, such as, putting a rotten banana peel or dirty articles of clothing in his locker, some were troublesome to the class and then blamed the problems that they caused on the new student, and they even made disturbing and unsettling jokes about something happening to an important person in his family while he was away from home. Days and months went by and the new student kept absorbing all the cruelty that the students were treating him with, until one day he had a it all culminated to the point where he had mental and physical meltdown. He could no longer bare the agony and...
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