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Topics: Wheelchair, The Chamber, Language Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Nowadays, work has become more and more demanding.
Some of them require us to carry multiple things at once.
Most of the time the bag used to carry those things can get really heavy. Making our work even more tiring. In addition, when you travel somewhere abroad, you need to carry many stuffs and at the same time, you have to keep your eyes on everything you have. It could make your trip very tiring.

To solve these problems that is common with us,
this vacuum bag would be a great solution.
With this bag you can carry various heavy items.
It has very simple design just like a regular bag with
a vacuum chamber inside it. After various items are stored,
just press the button on the shoulder piece
and air will be flushed out of the chamber through the breathable exterior, hence making the box airless so that whatever you carry become weightless.

This product, clearly makes daily life more convenient given the amount of ease that this product offers. Obviously,
carrying heavy stuff is no longer a problem.
Moreover, this product is very durable as the vacuum box is
made from the same material as a spaceship
and the exterior is flexible and made from strong cloth.

We all know that the conventional wheelchair is not as amazing as when it was first invented. Many issues surrounding it such as difficulty moving it around and when they are only stairs
and no wheelchair area also constant need of second person
to operate the wheelchair if it is used by an elderly.
With all this issues, a substitute is needed.
The one which provide ease to all type of wheelchair users.

The future is now! I present you the hover chair,
a perfect replacement for wheelchairs.
As you can guess, it has no wheels and it moves
without touching the ground. On the left armrest there are
plenty of spaces to put various items, meanwhile on the
right armrest there is a smaller storage space
and a four inch touchscreen that functions as a GPS.
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