Being Celebrities- Good or Bad ?’’

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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l am writing in response to your letter about ‘’Being Celebrities- Good or Bad ?’’which is found in a forum. HK people are believed to be money-oriented .Under such gaze, most of the teenage always think that being a public figure is their vision. However, is it really amazing to be a celebrity?

To start with ,being a celebrity can obtain a fame and society status which always come up with money, power, glamour and attention. Thay can lead a materialistic life. What’s more, it should be enjoyable for them to show off their wealth and successful experience in front of their friends. Celebrity always is the focus of the public. They never feel lonely due to the majority of media. lt is indeed a paradise that they live in.(No one can refuse/resist the way they live in.)

Nevertheless(However), l see the drawbacks on the other perspective. Firstly, celebrity always has tremendous work load which adversely affect their wealth. They are forced to work overnight. With fierce competition, they have to exert themselves to work anytime in order to keep their high profile. Secondly, people around the celebrity are snobbish. Let’s take the showiz as an example. People around them get along with them just because of their fame. ff they are no longer famous and wealthy ,they will get away from the celebrity or even betray.(Whenever we feel unhappy, we can talk and she\are with our friends.

However , it is not the case for the celebrities .As celebrities need to worry that whether their friends will betray them or not. Therefore they seldom have real friends to share with.) lt is exactly a realistic world. Thirdly, there is a huge of negative gossip around the publics figures,(paparzzi always follow the celebrities to get the scope news even intervene with thir private life.Celebrities’ scandal always get massive media courage.Doubtless,this will induce huge pressure on them.)Whether it is real or not,people with different ages will talk about them.Their life...
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