Being an Only Child Has Both Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Family, Sibling, Parent Pages: 4 (1567 words) Published: June 10, 2008
Being an only child has both advantages and disadvantages... This statement shows how complex this issue can be, yet it reflects only a certain percentage of the factors we may take into consideration. The experience of being an only child is lived in various ways, in different kinds of home environment. Also, when it comes to current political and economical situation in various places on our planet, every child with no siblings may grow up with different memories and perception concerning his position. Besides, being an only child is something that affects in a different way the children who never become an older brother or sister and those who are the only ones... until a sibling arrives. Depending on the child’s situation, its advantages and disadvantages might vary enormously: what is perceived as good for a particular child might not prove to be so and vice versa: what may initially seem disadvantageous, might turn out to be the opposite. Children grow up in different families, some are more supportive, some less. Some parents are more available and willing to attend to their child’s needs and concerns, some do it not so readily, and some simply neglect their child. Children with no siblings, taken care by loving and responsible parents, who are willing to be with their sons/daughters to such an extent as to create deep and lasting bonds with them, do not have to experience too many disadvantages. There is a widely accepted cliché that an only child will most likely become a selfish, domineering and attention-seeking adult, as he is not taught to take care of younger siblings, share toys with them and other important kinds of behaviour. In addition, his parents can give him all their attention, he does not need to have any consideration for other family members who could need it as well. Even though, this stereotype still persists today, it has proven not to be true in all circumstances. First of all, social skills are learned not only through playing...
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