Being an Immigrant

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Being an immigrant
Marcia Anderson
University of Phoenix

Being an Immigrant
There are many opportunities in the United States for a Latin American, jobs in Mexico are hard to find, if I do happen to find a job the pay is not very good. I have a family to support and I want my children to have a better life. I have come to the United States without my family to see if I can find a job. Once I arrive the people do not treat me very well and I find the language hard to understand let alone speak. If I was to become a citizen I would need to go through a timely process, including filling out an application, getting passport pictures taken, fingerprints taken, a long interview process that would involve a test on reading, writing, speaking, and civic questions. If I was accepted I would have to take an oath which I would need to give up all prior allegiance to any other nation. Besides all of this paper work I would be charged fees anywhere from $385 to $1000 dollars.

I came here to see if I could make a living for my family, I do not have that kind of money, plus I would need to live here for 5 years or more to even try to become a citizen, while my family is back in Mexico. Plus why do I have to give up my home just to become a citizen over here. I am not sure that this is what I want to do, yes there are all kinds of opportunities and maybe the people will change, but I will need to learn there lounge.
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