Being an Effective Learner

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Being an effective learner
In the journey of my life, I have been keeping striving to create success years. In my opinion, I think the most essential thing you have to do as the first step is to take a personal inventory about yourself after I have experienced failure and success, and then you make changes with motivation. For me, my goal is to be an effective learner. Hence, in order to be an effective learner, I should strengthen my strengths and improve my weaknesses by being modest about myself, reviewing my notes harder before tests and finishing an essay earlier and go to tutors for correction Firstly, my strength is that I always obey the rules in class because I am afraid of doing most things that might have comments on me. For instance, I am usually in silence whenever it is time for group projects or study hall. I seldom go to ask professors for assistance about solving questions because I am too shy to speak to others. I usually do not discuss with a loud sound so that I will not affect others and also receive negative comments from my classmates. In addition, I am usually responsible for my attendance in school. I have never missed any class in high school and in college for personally reasons only if I am badly hurt in an accident or have a serious illness. With the help of the strength, I get full scores on the parts of attendance all the time so that it benefits my GPA in school.

In addition to obey the rules in class, my strength is that I have a better study habit about grasping knowledge for tests and assignments in college now because it benefits me a lot on study. For example, while taking a class, professors usually write down a lot of information on whiteboards. Some students do not usually take those notes down because they feel troublesome or lazy. However, I take those notes down, and I also highlight or underline parts of the essential information that professor mention more than 3 times in class in order to have materials to...
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