Being an Adult

Topics: Social responsibility, Sociological terms, Core issues in ethics Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Being an adult
Being an adult means taking responsibility. There is no specific time or chronological age when you become an adult. It does not depend on age, but it happens with self-realization and becoming mature. For some, adulthood may be starting universities or starting a new family, or beginning new jobs, or just simply going through life’s trials and tribulations. When you are an adult, you create an identity for yourself. You no longer rely on others. Adults can think and act independently. Responsibility is the hallmark of an adult. He has certain responsibilities towards his society, friends, family and himself. As a member of the society, an adult need to engage himself in the community he lives in. The social responsibility could be expressed by making charitable donations, recycling or volunteering. As a responsible friend, an adult will never let his friend make any foolish decisions. He will be there for his friend whenever he needs help. A responsible adult will support and care for his family. Family will be his priority. A responsible adult will be a good son, a good spouse and a good parent. He can bring together his family in peace and happiness, if only he fulfils his duties and responsibilities towards everyone in the family. As an adult, one needs to be financially responsible for himself. Most adults have a job and they pay their own rent. Adults in the house pay the bills, and worry about money. But a responsible adult is usually good with money. He knows how to save money by not wasting on unimportant things. Respect is a huge part of adulthood. Adults must respect each other to get along on a daily basis. Adults have to treat everyone with respect. Respect is needed to function in this world. Adults have the emotional maturity to deal with many problematic situations. They never go out of control with their emotions. This is not to say that all adults are boring. They will have a good handle over their emotions and composure....
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