Being an Adolescent

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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Being an adolescent

Many adults argue that their adolescence was their worst stage of life, while others say there is no a better stage than adolescence, that you have to enjoy as much as you can. But why this people argue that? There are many advantages and disadvantages of being an adolescent. To begin with, when you are a teenager you are more likely to make friends easily, as you are studying, you are lot of hours with people interacting all the time, in the school also, you make your best friends, that for a teenager that is very important. Secondly, the adolescence is the period of life when you go out, and make crazy thinks, that then when you are older you remember and you make fun of them. Furthermore, as a teenager you don’t have to worry about paying bills, or any sort of expenses, so you don’t have the stress sometimes parents does, your only obligation is go to school. On the other side, been a teenager has it disadvantages. Firstly, some adults don’t respect you, they don’t take you seriously, your opinions do not have the importance as an adult’s opinion does. Secondly, teenagers change their humor drastically, this is why so many teenagers don’t take along with their parents, and this causes lots of problems between them. Thirdly, the physical appearance of the teenager, can be a cause of problem to them, sometimes they feel no one will cares of them because they feel ugly. To sum up, being a teenager can be good or bad. What most of people say is that you have to enjoy it as much as you can, because, some things you don’t do now you don’t make them any time.
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