Being Alone

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  • Topic: Certified Public Accountant, Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
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  • Published : September 21, 2009
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According to Chinese Calendar, year 2008 is the year of rat exactly the same as calculated as equal to my birth year and happened to be my lucky year, the very reason for it… the blessings that I received up to the end.

Early quarter of 2008..I remember how I supposed to be disciplined in terms of everything, I was starting to list all my target goal including my new year’s resolution, my plan after passing the CPA board exam, looking ahead of my future….in the midst of my preparation for the last chance of taking board exam because my father’s pride was part of it…I was shocked and emotionally depressed for my love one begun to break my was really difficult not to mix my heart with my mind over my priority to be a CPA…I prayed believing that I can survive, no matter what happens, all I wanted was to give the crown of joy for the family whom from the very start never surrender their trust and support for my crafts. I had been touched for my childhood friend , Rochelle for she had made finally the nursing board exam, I witnessed her victory.,realized to continue my life without special someone who ‘s I thought that he would be there until my final celebration..still bitter? Not much like before....

Confidently moving on..trying to push myself enough not to hurt anymore but even though I’m trying to be free...the rule would never like the way I wanted to be..definitely myself is not exempted…I am opened for any wounds that possibly could hit me…It was like torturing my own self and at the same time, prolonging for my agony…not worst., I won the battle..I got the title at last..the one my father had been waiting FINALLY CAME…Now I’m already Certified Public Accountant…no amount of money can be compared for the happiness I brought to my family including my clan in both side of my parents. I’ve realized that being a rat of this year refers to...
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