Being 14

Topics: Mental disorder, Adolescence, Psychology Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Being 14 is one of the most alluring parts of an individual's life. Although, in accordance with my opinion, I don’t believe in the wonders of being 14. I don’t agree with the common view that 14 is one of the most beautiful age in teenage life. I believe in the fact that teenagers are the ones who undergo most of the sorrows and dissatisfactions of life. It’s where you have to deal and cope with the most changes, in your whole life, the transition from childhood to adulthood. Throughout this essay I will be focusing on the main points I find to be most important during the age process of being 14. These 3 main topics include the following expectations, milestone and mental illnesses.

It’s not unusual for teens to experience "the blues" or feel "down in the dumps" occasionally. Adolescence is always an unsettling time, with the many physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that accompany this stage of life. Unrealistic academic, social, or family expectations can create a strong sense of rejection and can lead to deep disappointment. When things go wrong at school or at home, teens often overreact. 14-year-olds seem to think that their life explodes into complications. You're suddenly allowed to do this, but not that. People expect you to take on a more adult role, yet still treat you as a child. However, it's easy to what teenage society expects of you. Many adults don't fully understand the complexity of teenage society, but who can blame them? Some try to understand by putting teenagers into solid categories such as, "Goths" or "Skaters." Unfortunately they come nowhere close. The age at which being 14, bullying could influence how strongly they are affected. Bullying can have long-lasting effects, but particularly when it begins in adolescence. People subjected to either verbal or physical bullying are known to be at greater risk for developing depression, anxiety disorders or to behave violently. But not everyone reacts in this way. Some...
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