Beijing-----the Most Crowded City in China

Topics: Beijing, Beijing Subway, Question Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Beijing—the most crowded city in China
“Mom, mom, where are you?” I shouted anxiously with the fear of being abandoned. I was very afraid as if I would be an orphan. In fact, I wasn’t abducted by bad person. The reason was, my mother and I were separated by the horrible stream of people in Beijing Book Building when I was in my seven. Beijing is much more crowded in the weekend and holidays. Especially in shopping center. When I had memories, there was one sentence that made me unforgettable. This magical sentence is: xxx, xxx (a person’s name), please come to xxx (a place’s name), your family is waiting for you here. Because of the huge number of people, they are easily lost each other. So they need to get help from the broadcast in the store. What’s more, once I was in Xidan, wanting to buy a pair of new shoes. I picked one and asked the salesgirl to give me a new pair to try on. Then I waited and waited for almost twenty minutes. Finally, she came to me with a pair of shoes. But, that was not the one I had chosen. However, I didn’t blame her because there were so many people in the store, she was too busy to remember every customer’s asking exactly. Not only is the shopping center full of people, but also the places of historic interest and scenic. When I was a little girl, my parents took me to the Beijing Zoo. But I couldn’t see any animals, what in my eyes were people’s legs and waists. My parents had to hold me up in order to let me see the animals. To tell the truth, every time when I recall the places I have visited in Beijing, the picture in my brain is not the beautiful scenery, but the people here and there. I have imagined that Beijing might not be so crowded in weekdays, but I was totally wrong. It is said that the number of people who has a Beijing residence is about 13million, the number of those who don’t have one is about 50million in 2011. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai, which is also a top city, has about 24million people. Although...
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