Beijing Market Entry Strategy

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Beijing market entry strategy for Frozen Food
This report aims to analyze the entry of frozen Beijing market. Use a SWOT analysis approach analyzes the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The report has identified a marketing strategy of entry that will help our company to enter the market effectively. Contains:

1 Summary of the company
2 Frozen market in Beijing
3 SWOT analysis
4 Marketing strategy suggested input.
Summary of the company

Our frozen food company is only imaginary for this work. This is a company that wants to enter the Beijing market and it conducts a study to define the entry strategy. Our company sells all kinds of frozen food from cans to larger products. For now only work in Europe and we are planning to expand in the world soon.

Frozen market in Beijing
The frozen food market in Beijing is currently booming in China is expected to grow 16.1 billion in 2012, mainly concentrated in big cities like Beijing and Hong Kong. The annual demand for frozen products is growing around a 3-4% in Beijing, provided by Datamonitor 2009

Is such an increase, now, ASIAN SEAFOOD exposure has a new section called Frozen Food Asia, there is provided a forum for buyers to be face to face with suppliers of frozen food in several categories, which are the most important:

Ready meals, Chilled and frozen meat products, Frozen fish, Seafood, Vegetables, Potato products, Fruit, Pizza, Bakery products, Cheese, Ice cream, Desserts

As our company wants to expand and take advantage of the boom that is taking frozen food in Beijing, you need to analyze the market. This section analyzes the company in terms of market Beijing adopting the SWOT approach.

Strengths | Weaknesses |
High Quality Products| Poor Operate systemExistence of large companies in the sectorUnfamiliar brand| Opportunities | Threats |
Rise of frozen food in Beijing Growing | Rising raw material prices|

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