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Behavioural Science

By | November 2012
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Assignment – A

Note : Read the Case Study and answer the two questions given at the end of it.

Case Study

(Marks – 10)

A Cockroach in the Rasam

The other day, there was a major hungama in a high profile organization in Bangalore. A senior executive found a cockroach in his rasam and screamed the roof down. Very logical. Most people would have done likewise. What happened subsequently was, however, appalling.

This senior executive summoned the canteen supervisor, caught hold of his collar, forced him to kneel in front of everyone and insisted he drink the rasam. The canteen supervisor left in tears and never returned to the building. The organization, like all organizations do, tried to sweep the incident under the carpet. Now you know what carpets are for in all sophisticated organizations, along with flower-pots, paintings and smiling receptionists.

I throw this real life incident open for a case study discussion. The concerned organization did not have a union, even it had, the canteen supervisor would have been there on contract. Should we, therefore assume that senior executives in high profile organizations are better behaved with unionised workers ?

Or should we assume that the organization has failed to instill basic values in its senior executives ? That, in the lemming-like race to success, human values are regarded as highly expendable ? That people as people fail to count as long as the sales-curve is moving up in the right direction even if behaviour patterns leave much to be desired ?

Ironically, it is fashionable in high profile organizations to talk in terms of not just IQ but EQ. Should all organizations, especially high profile ones, insist that their senior executives be constantly rated for both IQ and FQ ? Should one test of EQ be whether or not the senior executives know the names of the junior-most staff, including contract workers like toilet cleaners, who keep the premises clean for top...

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