Behaviour of Crows-Project

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As our study period coincided with the…… of Common Indian Crow (Corvus splendens). We decided to study the breeding & feeding related behavior of crow. Following were my main objective

a) Breeding Behaviors

Specific nesting patterns / nest attendance & protections etc.

b) Feeding related behavior

Materials & Methods:

The breeding period of Common Indian Crow (Corvus splendens) ranges from March – April to July – Aug, but the peak period varies locally. My study period extended from January to July.

A. For objective 1

To gain better knowledge about the breeding behavior of Indian Common Crow, focal animal sampling, Instantaneous scan & adlibitum was done. For this purpose I selected one nest about 15 ft.

Location & Location Details:

1. DumDum Airport

i. Location of the road – DumDum Airport 2 No Gate, Manikpur

(Nabapally), P.O. – Italgacha, Kol – 79

ii. Predominant traffic – This road is mainly used by small &medium domestic cars.

iii. Topography – This road is little longer than 3 km. Half of the road passes through densely populated area, mainly residential area of middle to high income communities. The average heights of the building are 40 ft. Moderate numbers of trees are present on both side of the road. This is a large area which contains many play ground, few clubs, many temples &two ponds.

Instantaneous scan – The behaviors of a group or individual is recorded at set time intervals, and what the animal is doing at the moment that the time interval expires.

I have noted every behavior of nest attending crow belonging that time with 2 minutes intervals.

Focal Animal Observation:

Methods – Mostly focal animal sampling was done on one of the nest for obtaining qualitative as well as quantitative data on crow breeding behavior.

Focal animal sampling – It is a sampling technique in which, all occurrence of a specified action of a study subject (individual or a particular set of individuals) are recorded during a predetermine sampling period (Alcock, 2009).

I have studied the breeding related behavior of a pair of house crow for 180 minutes in everyday.

During my study, I have done each sampling session 30 to 60min (5 min duration & used a number of such session with 2 mins interval in between to increase the accuracy).

During focal animal sampling, I gathered data about different behavior related to breeding, feeding frequency, how many times they were performed in time & for how long they were performed each time. I could recognized sex of the nest mates as differently, also identified them on the basis of physical character.


I would performed Adlibitum sampling throughout the whole project period on different breeding pairs of crow & different nests from different locations, which provided me with qualitative data on crow breeding as well as nesting behavior.

Adlibitum sampling – If is the informal, non-systematic studying & recording of as much information as possible. Its main value is in research planning & in studying rare but fairly obvious behavior. It is often hard to derive precise & quantitative information based on this study. (Alcock)

Nest Site Selection Study:

Method –

To conduct the study I randomly selected a 500 m transect on any side of the previous mentioned roads. From each road, I collected data from two such transects. Which moving along a transect I noted & numbered each & every plant (height – 3.05m & GBH – 0.4572) which contains the nest.a) Present of the treeb) Height of the treec) Girth a best height(GBH)d) Percentage of canopy covere) Information about flower, fruits ,presence of crow nest , if nest is present – when I collected1) Number of nest present2) Distance between the nest3) Height of the nest4) Distance of the nest from the main trunk...
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