Behaviour Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Observation Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Behaviour of the drivers and their background
Some of the behavioural observation of the drivers and their background were very peculiar and can be summarised in following points. * It was not very pleasing to see that the younger generation had the ‘Care-Free attitude’ towards a subject as crucial as traffic rules. In most of the cases where people from the age group, 18-25 years, were found violating the rules, they tried to get away from the scene as soon as possible without realising the importance of the rules that had been laid down for their good. * Surprisingly the relatively older people, i.e. age 45 years+, dealt with the situation with utmost concern. Not only they were ready to pay the fine for the violation of the rules but at the same time their composure showed their concern towards the severity of laws introduced by the government. * The middle-aged group i.e. 25-35 years were the tough ones to deal with. They were not even ready to accept the fault on their part. They spent a lot of time negotiating with the traffic police department and made it tough for the police to educate them about the new rules introduced and their significance. * The people who seemed educated by the way they spoke and behaved, were observed to be rude to the police. This was not expected from the educated drivers out there on the roads. * Reluctance to realise their mistake and the adamant stand taken by some of the educated married women was not a pleasing sight. The polite behaviour of the police towards the women was seen to be taken for granted in some of the situations The above observations of behaviours and connecting them with the background can’t be generalised at any cost. But the indications can be used to improve the traffic behaviour of the city.
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