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An industry analysis is a business function completed by business owners and other individuals to assess the current business environment. This analysis helps businesses understand various economic pieces of the marketplace and how these various pieces may be used to gain a competitive advantage. Although business owners may conduct an industry analysis according to their specific needs, a few basic standards exist for conducting this important business function.

1. Threat Of Substitute Products – Medium

The nutritious beverages drinks and even instant drink industry, there are substitute products for Blendelicious. When the other industries can satisfy the customer need that ice blended industry is satisfying then, there will have a threat for Blendelicious. Other beverage industries such as instant drink industry – coke, dutch lady, tropicana juice, etc.

2. Threat Of The Entry Of The New Competitors – High

Blendelicious is constantly innovating and showing strong product differentiation in our industry. However, some competitors such as 'Chatime' and 'Cool Blog' offers variety choice of ice blended with reasonable price. Although Blendelicious now is still new in its industry however we must be aware of the threats to potential entrants since these market industries is attractiveness to gain more profit.

3. The Intensity Of Competitive Rivalry – Medium

Blendelicious is current Malaysia competitors are Chatime, Cool Blog, and Each A Cup. Because of this industry do not have too much rival in Malaysia; Blendelicious would like to becomes the winner of all them. Our target is to attract customer with our variety ice blended and lead the industry.

4. The Level of Buyer Power – Low

Blendelicious have a fixed price in every shops and it is reasonable with the quality of our ice blended. We don't think the customer will come to the cashier, order, and bargain for lower price before they pay. So, the buyer power of Blendelicious was almost none.

5. The Level of Supplier Power – Medium

Blendelicious have our own supplier of flavors and topping, but because of Blendelicious order in a bunch and still new in this industry. This makes Blendelicious have a medium power of bargaining towards supplier. We can have our own pride, and competitive advantage Blendelicious’ supplier to supply to other place when we are well known in the industry.


Section 4 : market analysis

Smoothie bars are popping up everywhere-in gyms, airports, grocery stores, cafes, malls and college cafeterias. Soaring smoothies sales and growing demand for healthy, natural produce make the consumer market ripe for smoothies bar businesses. Chain-owned market bars have become popular additions to many shopping centers and malls based on the success of smaller, local outlets that maintain a base of faithful clients. Working people and mothers with active children are always looking for a quick, tasty, healthy alternative for lunch or a mid-afternoon infusion of energy. The goal of market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of the market and to understand its involving opportunities  and threats as they relate to the strength and weaknesses of the company. These are the following dimension of smoothies market analysis that important to be concern : •    Market Size And Growth Rate

Despite increased research and development and marketing costs, which were...
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