Behaviors of the Inuit of the Artic

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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The Inuit of the Artic are a foraging community who heavily relies on their environment for substance and survival. There are three behaviors of the Inuit of the Artic influenced by their kinship and culture, which are communal fusion and fission, general reciprocity, and ceremonial participation. These three behaviors will be discussed more throughout the paper. The Inuit’s have certain settlement patterns which contribute to their failure or success. Now of course there are the weather changes that change the food source and the amount of food during the different times of the year. During the winter months the Inuit band together with neighboring households, usually about 15 families, or so for hunting. The most common hunt during the colder months is that of seal, as it provides an abundance of meat and nutrients to feed the families. The Inuit hunt and stay in smaller groups during the summer months, as it is better for each group to be smaller when fishing and hunting during the warmer months. They also supplement their diets with berries and roots throughout the warm season. The talking about them coming together and then separating is fusion and fission. Fusion is when they come together, and fission is when they divide. Fission reduces the stress on the environment and helps to eliminate the possibility of overexploitation of a resource or hunger due to scarcity.” (Nowak B. & Laird P. (2010) Now that we talked about fusion and fission we will talk about generalized reciprocity. Even though the Inuit have been living in their ways and in the Artic for thousands of years there are times of struggle. Food does come scarce and in that time, they all band together to provide for one another. Even though it is taking the little bit of food away from their family, they share to ensure that everyone survives. This practice is called generalized reciprocity. “Generalized reciprocity is a form of exchange in which there is no expectation for the immediate...
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