Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Knowledge Pages: 7 (1240 words) Published: August 21, 2012
|Basic Principles | |Objectivism/Behaviorism |Cognitivism |Constructivism | |Learning happens when a correct response is demonstrated |Learning is a change of knowledge state |Learners build personal interpretation of the world based on | |following the presentation of a specific environmental stimulus |Knowledge acquisition is described as a mental activity that |experiences and interactions | |Learning can be detected by observing an organism over a period |entails internal coding and structuring by the learner |Knowledge is embedded in the context in which it is used | |of time |Learner is viewed as an active participant in the learning |(authentic tasks in meaningful realistic settings) | |Emphasis is on observable and measurable behaviors |process |Create novel and situation-specific understandings by | |Uses a "black box" metaphor - the learner is a black box, what |Emphasis is on the building blocks of knowledge (e.g. |"assembling" knowledge from diverse sources appropriate to the | |happens inside is unknown |identifying prerequisite relationships of content) |problem at hand (flexible use of knowledge)  | |Emphasis is on relationships between environmental variables and|Emphasis on structuring, organizing and sequencing information |Believes that there are many ways (multiple perspectives) of | |behavior |to facilitate optimal processing  |structuring the world and its entities | |Instruction utilizes consequences and reinforcement of learned |Focus is on how learners remember, retrieve, and store |Believes that meaning is imposed by the individual rather than | |behaviors |information in memory |existing in the world independently | |Believes behavior is guided by purpose |Examines the mental structure and processes related to learning | | |Cues are antecedents to behavior and set the conditions for its | | | |occurrence |Learning is viewed as an active process that occurs within the | | |  |learner and which can be influenced by the learner | | | |The outcome of learning is not only dependent on what the | | | |teacher presents but also on what the learner does to process | | | |this information.  | |

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