Behavioral Styles

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Behavioral Styles

In the exercise performed to evaluate what behavioral style I most likely am it was concluded that I am the Expressive Type. The Expressive individual is characterized as being people-oriented, fun-loving, and extroverted people. Often times looking for opportunities to socialize and are also animated when talking. The secondary behavioral style which I am in the Inquisitive type, which is more introverted, task-focused and detail oriented. These types of people tend to keep more to themselves and tend to dress more conservatively.

I think that this assessment was rather accurate for me. In most cases I am a very expressive person. I love to dress uniquely and love to have meaningful knowledgeable conversations. It is also very annoying to me to have the same old same old routine. An example of this would be my drive to school, I always take a different route each day just to switch it up. In other instances though, like at my job or if I’m doing some kind of school presentation I do become an Inquisitive person. I pay close attention to detail to make sure I am doing everything that is asked of me. I also like to pick up certain styles from things I see people wear around me.

The best way to communicate with me when I’m in a good mood and being Expressive is to match my happiness or excitement and making sure you are keeping my attention by involving me in whatever it is we might be talking about. When others show interest in what they are communicating to me I am usually inclined to do the same. If I’m in a professional setting or not a good mood and acting in my secondary behavior (Inquisitive), I would much rather just be told short sentences on what it is that needs to be done. When I’m being shy I would also much rather prefer to just be given my own space.

When handling a problem I may have I think that both my behavioral strategies are quite similar. I like to be re-assured...
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