Behavioral Finance

Topics: Behavioral economics, Cognitive bias, Investment Pages: 126 (23279 words) Published: November 22, 2012

BATCH: 2010-12
Dr.Sampada Kapse
Program Co-ordinator (PGDM)
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
Tolani Institute of Management Studies, Adipur
For the award of the degree of
Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Tolani Institute of Management Studies
PB No.11, LilashahKutiya Road, Adipur – 370 205 (Kachchh). Ph: (02836) 261466, 262187 Email:, JUNE 2011


With deep respect and immense gratitude, we express our profound sense of thanks to DR. SAMPADA S. KAPSE OF TOLANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES ADIPUR for her supportive role and guidance, who give her precious time, thanking special interest in our final project. Secondly, we thank all the professors of TOLANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES ADIPUR for their support and co-operation during our project.

Thirdly, we thank all investors of Bhuj and Adipur who filled our long questionnaire and also who directly or indirectly helped at the time of need.

- Sachin Abda -Pratik Chothani


We Sachin Abda & Pratik Chothani, the student of M.B.A. 6TH Trimester TIMS (TOLANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES) hereby declare that the Project Report on “Behavioral Finance” Is our original work and has not been submitted by any other person.

We also declare that We have done our work sincerely and accurately even then if any mistake or error had kept in, We request to the readers to point out these errors and guide us to remove theses errors in future.

- Sachin Abda -Pratik Chothani

Basically we were interested in stock market and we have read some theories related to stock market but never understand that why people take irrational decision when coming to real situations. They speak in a different way and act in a different way. So we were curious to know the answers of this question. In our 4th trimester we come to know about the theory from Internet so we thought it might be interesting and may be helpful to answer our question. Behavioral finance is an emerging field. Many things have researched but still it is new, different types of behavior have been studied. In our project we have tried to understand theories, history and answers to our questions. We had also carried survey in Adipur and Bhuj to know how investors of bhuj and adipur react in different situation and how these various anomalies can be relate to them. one of main good reason for finalizing this project as per name suggest finance but it is very less related to balance sheet, accounting and figures .it is mainly related to pshcycology of investor.


|Sr. No. |Contents Name |Page No | |1 |Introduction of behavioral finance |8 | |2 |Literature review |13 | |3 | Objectives |38 | |4 |Methodology |39 | |5...
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