Behavioral Explanation

Topics: Explanation, Scientific method, Theory Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Monique Diaz
Behavior Explanation # 1
Spring 2010
1. Observation:
One of my close friends is one of those people whose personality thrived when she was present in a social setting with a variety of people to affiliate with. Once we got into college she was determined to rush a sorority, because she felt that she needed to meet more people, associate with different types of people, and to be a part of something to make her college experience. She felt that if she did not rush, she would be alone and would not have a great time and succeed in college. Then about a couple months ago, she was going through a very though time. At that time, nothing seemed to be going right for her. Her grandfather was in and out of the hospital, her grades were slipping, and her family was not very close at the time. So, she began to turn to me and her sorority sisters even more for advice and spent tons of time with us. Those couple of months her need for affiliation with certain types of people was very high. She became happier and did better in school, when we would form study groups with her, lunch dates, and etc; where she was not alone. 2. Concept Identification:

To justify her behavior, I will use the motive for affiliation, which is explained in the text (Ch.11 pg.368) that the need for affiliation varies between different people with different reasons of motive.

3. Explanation:
Her success in college and in life, depend on her high motive for affiliation. Once her life started to become difficult he motive for affiliation became higher because she was seeking emotional support; as the book states “misery loves company”. When times got rough she sought support through friends. Another theory that explains her high need for motivation stimulation is that it is inborn and based on natural selection.
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