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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Tamara Chase
September 26, 2011
PSY-102 General Psychology
Michelle Worley

Behavior Essay
George Washington once wrote to his middle school age nephew, “Every hour misspent is lost forever, and future years can not compensate for lost days at this time period in your life”, (U.S. Department of Education, Remarks from Secretary Paige, 2004). I wish that I had someone one telling me that, when I was coming up, maybe I would not get into some much trouble for coming to school late and interrupting class. Walking the halls every morning, the researcher observed students showing signs of lethargy and their disengagement from school is apparent in actions and words. Students stand at the attendance office door late for each morning as they have done before. The familiar faces of students lined up each morning looking at me with no apparent emotion or concern when the researcher passes by. They appear not to know they should be concerned about being late to school. The line increase as the school year progresses, and they practice of standing late for school, seems to repeat itself each year. (Tierney, 2009). The reason why lateness should be eliminated is because when a student comes to school they should be on time, not unless they have a good reason. But, when a student comes to school late and they walk into the class room, they are disrupting the teacher who is giving a lecture on what their assignment is and the door opens and the class turns directly to the door, they are being distracted them from the lecture that the teacher was given. These triggers have an impact on a child behavior Staying up late doing homework will trigger a student to continue to go to school late. Hanging out with friends’ causes students to reinforce their behavior. There is lack of motivation or fear that causes students to repeat their behavior of lateness to school. Another reason is, the student does not like the teacher, or he/she is being bullied by someone in the class....
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