Behavioral Contract

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Self-Management Behavioral Contract
I , hereby agree to the following Management Behavior Contract, to encourage the positive behavior. This contract provides the following: ▪ Self-Directing Plan for change
▪ Specific Goal or goals
▪ Target Behaviors
▪ Agreement of monitoring these goals
▪ Time frame in which goals will be met
Once these goals are in progress, internal and external consequences for actions achieved or unachieved will be documented. Self-Directing Plan for Change
Step 1. Discuss why eating out behaviors needs to be addressed. Step 2. Discuss the money that I would be saving, eating home cooked meals. Step 3. Discuss how eating out is affecting my health, as well as my families. Step 4. Discuss how cooking is something that I used to enjoy, and do miss. Specified Goal or Goals

If I could change one thing about myself it would be to stop eating out, regardless of my time schedule. This past year I have felt that eating out was easier, more convenient after working all day, and having homework, and my children’s schedule to follow. I have become very lazy with this responsibility, and it is affecting not only my health, but my families’ health as well. I would also save a lot more money, if I would incorporate cooking at home into my daily schedule. Now that I have been taking the easy way out, and have stopped by fast food restaurants for so long, it is a hard habit to break. My body is lacking in energy, and has also build up a natural craving for the unhealthy lifestyle. I plan to only eat fast food two times a month, rather than my current lifestyle of 15 to 20 times a month. Target Behaviors

Increase the following target behaviors:
▪ To enjoy eating home cooked meals
▪ To feel healthy
▪ To increase my energy levels
▪ To practice healthy living to my children
▪ To save the money I normally spend on fast food
▪ To believe in myself and feel accomplished
Decrease the...
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