Behavioral Components

Topics: Business, Business school, Management Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Ataraxia Burns
City University of New York
School of Professional Studies
Organizational Behavior

Week 5

1.      Which of Schwartz’s ten values are driving the behavior of managers at Bain & Co., Home Depot, and Best Buy? Provide examples to support your conclusions. Response:
In the case of Home Depot, Benevolence and Universalism was one of the most salient values being exhibited – there is loyalty on behalf of Frank Blake towards is team in wanting to take care of them during the market downturn by lowering the sales and profit targets that hourly employees were to meet to receive bonuses. It translated in a great response that generated a higher amount of achievement by the staff than ever before, here we see Security at play since there is a reciprocity (“You take care of me, I take care of you”). At Best Buy, Universalism. Employees are asked to be a part of the solution; it shows appreciation for their contributionsand concern for their welfare. Finally, at Bain, I would say Stimulation – things are on a downswing and you can keep doing the same thing or do as Steve Ellis did and take on the challenge finding ways to expand while others contract. Self-Direction is also driving his behavior as he is creative about finding ways to use up and coming talent while also recruiting veterans to a new field. 2.      How would you describe Steve Ellis’s affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of his attitude toward managing in a recession? Be specific. Response:

Affective: Ellis feels positive about the prospects in consulting and its growth possibility in emerging markets and corporate turnarounds. Cognitive: He believes he can continue to grow his company’s consulting business by bringing on bot experienced consultants and recruiting at Business School. Behavioral: He acts by aggressively recruiting at Business schools as well as reaching out to former financial services consultants. 3.    How are Home Depot and Best Buy trying to...
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