Behavioral Components

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Behavioral Components

Every environment we will ever work in will be different than the one before. Each company has different personalities, different cultures and different procedures. Organizational behaviors are the actions of individuals and groups toward one another and toward the organization as a whole. These aspects do cause an effect on the organization's functioning and performance.

There are so many unique personalities that make up the business I currently work in. Different cultures play a major role in organizational behavior. Culture affects all aspects of business. Cultures mold and shape a business based on certain values, understandings and beliefs. Cultures consist of certain rituals or business practices, languages spoken, beliefs and social interactions. There is always a dominant culture and then there are different subcultures. In many cases, dominant values are shared with the majority of its employees. Cultures of the employees do affect the workplace and vice versa (Baack, 2012). Cultural differences exist everywhere we look these days. Living in America, this is a daily encounter for most everyone. We have to look past these differences and perform together in areas of professionalism and communication. Some instances may be harder than others, but everyone is capable of doing so. There are many different levels of conflicts, no all conflict have the same issues or outcomes. In the workplace, there are four levels of conflict, intrapersonal conflict, interpersonal conflict, intragroup conflict, and intergroup conflict (Baack, 2012). Intrapersonal conflict occurs when personal ideas, values or thoughts conflict with the outside environment. Interpersonal conflict occurs when there is conflict between two individuals. Intragroup conflict can be conflict among members of a group. Intergroup conflict is conflict that takes place among a few different groups....
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