Behavioral/Bioscience as It Affects the Theory and Concepts of Health Promotions

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Science Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Behavioral/Bioscience as it affects the theory and concepts of health promotions

Most health promotion theories come from the behavioral and social sciences, borrowing heavily from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, marketing, consumer behaviors, management and political science. Such diversity reflects the fact that health promotion practice is not only concerned with individual health behaviors, but also with the organization of society and the role of policy, organizational and community structures in promoting health. It’s also important to remember that most health promotion theories were developed by social scientists. As such, they reflect predominantly western (American) values and assumptions and do not account for the diverse range of perspectives influencing the way health is perceived by different cultures around the world. Most of the theories used in health promotion are not highly developed, nor have they been extensively tested. For these reasons, they may be more accurately referred to as theoretical frameworks or models (Nutbeam, 1998).

Using the above chart, Jon Robison, PhD, MS stated that “In Holistic Health Promotion the shift in focus emanates from a new conceptualization of health. We learned from quantum physics that it is the relationship between subatomic particles that gives meaning to their existence. Traditional health promotion has generally assumed that without proper guidance, people will naturally gravitate toward unhealthy behaviors. Therefore, the role of the health professional has been to be the expert who polices peoples’ behaviors and finds ways to get them to change for their own good.




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