Behavior That Has a Different Meaning Another Culture in

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Describe a gesture or behavior that has a different meaning another culture in. Provide a complete description of the action and what it means in both cultures
Gesture and behavior has a big differences in features and differences in the world. Every time we are taking a trip to another country we try to discover as much as possible information about a country where we are travel to. Every time when we are going to another country we should know that in different countries gestures are different. Many gestures are interpreted differently than in our own country. Since I am a representative from another country, I would like to tell you about the gestures of my country, too.

So, swinging your head left and right, and countries, including Russia, means "no’; however, in countries such as Bulgaria, India, Greece this means endorsement, "yes" and so on.
One of the most common gestures over the world is “Okay Hand Sign” as we can judge as an endorsement or so that's all well and fine. In English-speaking countries gesture "Okay Hand Sign", has a positive, endorsing the value "okay". Also in Russia, this gesture has the same meaning as in English-speaking countries. But in France this gesture expresses conflicting emotions and opposite meaning. In Brazil, such gesture may judge as disrespect to the public or other person. “Okay” gesture is vulgar and obscene for educated people in Brazil. The gesture is interpreted in various countries in various ways.

Another famous gesture is “Thumbs Up Hand Sign”. Raising your hand in front of others and making “Thumb Up Hand Sigh” it can be treated as “All right”, ”All is fine”. Pulling your hand up and pointing your thumb behind someone, this is used in Russia and in many Europe countries. In Muslim countries, the sigh is offensive and indecent. So, do not use the gesture in these countries. In Saudi Arabia, the rotational movement of the finger can judge as a "Scram out of here", "Goodbye"; however, meaning...
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