Behavior Support Plan

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Behavior Support Plan for
The Problem
Angel will push, belly-bump, grab, and hit peers to initiate a social interaction. When this occurs an adult assists her by scaffolding the interaction and comforting the peer. Angel will escape the demands of circle time and other structured activities by leaving her chair, throwing materials, and hitting the adult who redirects her to the group. When this occurs, an adult assists her in finding an alternative activity.

Prevention Strategies
Prepare peers by explaining that Angel does not know how to appropriately greet them. Let them know that the teachers are working on teaching Angel how to say "hi" and touch a friend nicely. Encourage the children to help Angel say "hi" the correct way. Make an effort to monitor Angel during high risk times or activities (e.g., children's arrival) to ensure that an adult is available to bridge her interactions with peers. When Angel approaches a center, provide her with instructions on how to play or initiate an interaction as she approaches a center. For example if she is approaching the kitchen say, "You can sit at the table and pretend to eat or stir the pot on the stove". You might also say "Kira, can you show Angel where she can sit"?

Provide a hobby box of 3 to 5 small toys that will be quiet and highly engaging for Angel. Offer the hobby box as an alternative to activities that are too difficult or structured for Angel. Provide a boundary or spot where Angel is to sit on the carpet. This could be accomplished by providing a carpet square or tape on the floor. Make sure that Angel knows this is her spot. Examine transition times and make environmental modifications to decrease transition trouble spots and classroom congestion. Perhaps moving the location of the rug for circle or staggering in the children's arrival for hand washing may be helpful. Consider providing a transition activity (far from the bathroom or door) to occupy children who are waiting. Provide more...
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