Behavior of Students Towards Load Shedding:

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Behavior of students towards load shedding:

Students from all over the city consider themselves the worst affected by load shedding, they feel like they are living in Stone Age. Students think that they are serious victims of load shedding they are depressed that their studying schedules are affected due to excessive load shedding.

Problems faced by students due to load shedding:

Students facing various problems during the hours of load shedding, they can’t concentrate on lecture during class in school due to power cut, they can’t even study at home, their performance in studies going down day by day, they even can’t do their home assignments due to unbearable hours of load shedding.

Effected performance of students by load shedding

Due to heavy load shedding students can not concentrate on studies and they also can’t participate in class activities which lead to poor performance of students academically.

Reasons of load shedding:

The electricity load shedding in Pakistan would have not been a big problem to cope with but it’s made much bigger by adopting the defective policies.

There are some more reasons behind load shedding described below:

Electricity Generation Resources:
We don’t use technologies for generating electricity like Wind, Gas and Nuclear Power. We just concentrate on water electricity generation. A very few MW we generate by other technologies.

Previous Government according to Present Government:
The Present Government blames on previous Government not just for this load shedding issue but all current issues, because previous government didn’t take serious actions to fix this and on going problems. If they made some useful strategies to solve future electricity problems then the Pakistani people couldn’t face this load shedding crisis.

Power Plants Lacking:
Our Political Leaders realized power plants lacking recently. “No more load-shedding after Dec 31” on Monday, July 27, 2009 The Minister for Water and...
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