Behavior Modification in Schools

Topics: Positive behavior support, Behavior modification, Psychology Pages: 11 (3730 words) Published: November 10, 2012

Behavior Modification in Schools
Nikisha Warrington
Cameron University


The word behavior is defined as a function of the person interacting with the environment. From this belief it is clear that problems with behavior in schools are a direct indication of the environmental surroundings, (Gilberstson, VanDerHeyden and Witt, 2005). This problem must be solved through changing how the child interacts with teaching and instruction. There may be difficulty in labeling a child’s behavior as “wrong” in response to teaching and instruction(Ward,1991). However, we could look at the behavior as a tool the child uses to express themselves, to obtain things, or to get out of trouble. A child, at any point in time, is constantly thinking about what to do next. The goal of intervention, from the school's perspective, is to assist the child to choose activities that are consonant with the goals of schooling. The need to eliminate disruptive classroom behavior as well as the number of perspective is also shown in recent research (Hayden & Pike, 2005; Deroma, Lassiter & Davis, 2004). The need to improve education practices in our elementary and secondary schools has been documented. Student disruption and underachievement are regularly identified as targets of reform. Disruption and off-task behavior are common. There are several points of view regarding amelioration of these problems,(Ward,1991).However, the one perspective with regards to solving this problem is the use of behavior modification methods and strategies in order to not only eradicate existing problems but also to prevent new problems (Charles, 1992; Algozzine & Kay, 2002). The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on the use of behavior modification in schools as a method of discipline. This paper will point out the different methods and strategies used for correcting behavior problems at school and will also discuss the effectiveness of the methods. Use of Behavior Modification in Classrooms: Methods and Effectiveness Methods

The term behavior modification has been defined as a formalized method applied to discipline problems in school that observes children’s behavior and seeks to shape it in positive ways (Warner & Lynch, 2003). Behavior modification procedures are not meant to brainwash children, bribe them nor does it attempt to control their mind. These methods are simply types of encouragement where the children are allowed to experience the consequences of their behavior; both positive and negative. This helps them to grow with a sense of personal responsibility and enhance their self-discipline skills,(Dunlap, Fox & Powell, 2002). Troubleshooting Behavioral Interventions: A Systematic Process for Finding and Eliminating Problems The purpose of this study was to describe a systematic approach for troubleshooting behavioral interventions that are not working. It describes a process that was systematically developed for finding and resolving problems with classroom-based behavioral interventions in schools. The main focus of this article is on the use of the Behavioral Intervention Troubleshooter. The Behavioral Intervention Troubleshooter or BIT, is a checklist focusing on four major domains: (a) problem definition and monitoring, (b)fundamentals of classroom instruction and behavior management, (c)intervention integrity, and (d) intervention design. There is nothing routine, common, or simple about the design and use of interventions for behavior problems in schools, (Gilbertson, VanDerHeyden & Witt, 2004). This linear approach was designed to rule out systematically basic instructional and management factors that may reduce intervention effectiveness. Before steps are taken to modify an ineffective intervention, effective classroom instruction and predictable classroom behavior management...
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