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Behavior Modification

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Behavior Modification

I. Course Overview

II. What is Behavior Modification

III. Purpose of Behavior Modification

IV. Key Components of Behavior Modification

V. Family Model

VI. Communication

VII. Setting limits and Consistency

VIII. Responsibility

IX. Self-Esteem

X. Self-Control

XI. Positive Reinforcement

XII. Negative Reinforcement

XIII. Consequences

XIV. Rewards

What is Behavior Modification

Generally however, Behavior Modification therapy as we know it today is defined as the use of rewards or punishments to reduce or eliminate problematic behavior, and can teach new responses to an individual in response to environmental stimuli. It is also defined as a, “ therapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior and extinguishing undesired behavior.

Examples: What are some of the behaviors that we have observed from the children placed at Fondren?

What are behaviors that we want to see them demonstrate?

What is the goal of behavior modifidcation?

The goal of a program of behavior modification is to change and adjust behavior that is inappropriate or undesirable in some way. When embarking on a program of behavior modification with a child, it is important is that the undesirable behavior be isolated and observed. With this observation comes awareness of the behavior on the part of the parent and/or teacher, and also on the part of the individual whose behavior is being modified. And with this awareness also comes the greater goal of understanding the cause and effect of the behaviors, thus helping to affect change.

Key concepts in Behavior Modification

Positive Rewards
Negative rewards

Behavior modification therapy is based on the concepts of observable antecedents (events that occur before a behavior is apparent), observable behavior, and consequences (the...

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