Behavior Change Project

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Motivation Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Behavior Change Project

Selecting a Student 

      I selected my student from one of my students that I viewed to have some of the worst behavior in the class. I am at Bond Elementary School which is an intercity school. Most of the school’s student population comes from subsidized housing (the projects). I am in a first grade class of nineteen students. While performing my duties at in Mrs. J Williams Classroom I became very eager to observe as well as work with a student by the name of Ja’Von W. Ja’Von is a six year old, I recently found out that his mother is on drugs and is being supported by his sixteen year old brother. Many of the students that I have observed in the classroom have had behavior problems and issues with their academics especially reading, but Ja’Von seemed to stick out more than the other students did. While the other students would be engaging in reading activities, Ja’Von would constantly disrupt other students that were engaged in their reading lessons. He also seemed to have issues with their cooperating teacher Mrs. J. Williams. During a conversation with Mrs. J. Williams she noted that this was a frequent and on going thing with this particular student. When I decided to work with Ja’Von, one of the first activities that I wanted to engage in was her reading aloud to me. It dawned on me that the student’s behavior problem was his difficulty to read. Ja’Von was missing the basic skills that she needed in order to read with fluency as well as read with understanding. I felt that this would be a great opportunity for me to help him with his reading but it will also make for a good behavior change project.  

Select a Target Behavior

      The target behavior that I have that I decided to focus on for this project was for the Ja’Von to be able to read fluently. Fluency is important in reading because it helps the reader gain the meaning of the text. This behavior falls under the category of an academic behavior. This target...
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