Behavior Blends

I think behavior blends let us know what type of personality we have. There are four personality types such as D, I, S, and C. A person can have two of these types. A person can discover what type of personality they have by taking the personality assessments. After I took the personality assessment, it discovered that I have a "D" personality.

This is what the personality assessment has to say about the "D" personality. The assessment says "D's" are determined doers, dominant, and demanding. It also said "D's" will win at all cost, they don't care about what people think as they care about getting the job done, insensitivity to feelings makes them too strong, great at developing things, needs to improve ability to make things correctly, strong will, and motivated by serious challenges to accomplish tasks. After reading "D" personality and discussing it with a few close friends I thought the test was pretty accurate. I do not know if the "D" personality is a good thing or not, but it is my personality to a certain extent. I think I got this personality by being raised by two parents who are in the military.

The assessment said that "D's" do not care as much about what people think as they care about getting the job done. I do not know what they meant about not caring about what people think. I do not care too much about what people think about me, but I do care about what a person might think about a certain topic or something. I respect what a person thinks about whatever.

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