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Topics: Behavior, Psychology, Game Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 23, 2013
New study shows link between violent video games and teens’ behavior. A five-year study on the way violent video games affect teenagers’ behavior has concluded that teenagers who play more than 10 hours of violent video games a week are more likely to get into trouble at home and at school than those students who play fewer or no hours of violent video games.Some scientists are cautious about these findings.however,saying that violent video games are not the only factor that causes teenagers to behave badly. Task 2: Essay

What factors can cause teenagers to behave badly? How can parents deal with teenagers who often get into trouble? Write an essay giving your opinions and explaining your views.

Nowadays,playing video games is getting more common on every age around the world,especially teenagers.Many new games are invented and released widely in anywhere,and so they are attracted to teenagers a lot.However,as the quick development of video games and bringing them in the living environment around us,leading to affect students’ behavior in the negative way.By following to the recent statistic of developing countries,most students have already spent lots of time on playing games at shops,or near their schools. There are following some factors that influence badly to students ‘s behaviors in today’s society.Firstly,It’s important to say that playing games are partly a big impact on their family and friends.For example,Their parents have an huge argument,maybe fighting each other,or breaking something in their houses such as TVs,fans and others.All of things make their children are scared and sad so much.Therefore,they feeling depressed and do not want to study Of course,they will want to seek something that make them happier.As a results,video games are the best way to reduce stressed on their mind. However,by the time they will steadily live an unreal world and moreover they will have some bad actions that affect to everyone around including...
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