Behavior Analysis

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Psychology Pages: 8 (2547 words) Published: December 10, 2007

Behavior Analysis Case Paper

Koree Sargent, Student

Ferris State University

CONM 422 Construction Supervision & Safety

Professor: Dr. Edward M. Brayton

April 24, 2006


Knowing your behavior style and listening style is very important. It determines on how well you will work with others, how you will deal with certain situations, and how you go about getting stuff done. Knowing your styles also show what things you could work on to help change yourself into a good team member and employee. It also can help you identify other employees' styles so you can avoid things that they fear and that will case trouble in the work place.

In this case Kim's primary behavior style is Dominance, her secondary behavior style is Conscientiousness, her Classical Pattern is Creative, and her listening style is Comprehensive. In this paper I will describe the meanings of these different styles, and ways to coach and counsel Kim through her problems at her job.

Executive Summary

There are four types of behavior styles and eighteen different classical patterns so there is a little study you need to do to become familiar with the different styles. Here are a few recommendations on using the behavior style tool.

First, it is important that you get yourself familiar with the four types of behavior style and their characteristics so you would know what to look for when identify someone's behavior style. Second, you should get yourself familiar with the classical patterns of the behavior tool.

Third, I recommend that you familiarized yourself with the strengths, weaknesses, and fears of each behavior style so when you are dealing with some of your employees that are having problems you would know what to do and what to avoid so the situation can be solved in a professional manner.

Fourth, I would say get familiar with the coaching process so you would be able coach your employees through their problems. Fifth, once you get to know the behavior styles and which styles work best together you would be able to know how to set up a good team in your company.

Sixth, I would recommend that you get to know the behavior styles so you could know how to take disciplinary action against different employees that have different styles. Seventh, I would recommend that you know the fears of each style so when dealing with your employees you could better know what to avoid so you won't put that fear in employees, which can lead to less productivity and etc.

What are Kim's behavior style strengths & weaknesses and how to deal with her type of behavior style?

Kim's primary behavior style is Dominance. The article says that Kim is hard driving, fast paced, enjoys a challenge and likes to be in charge all these characteristics are those of the Dominance style. People that have the dominance style of behavior have the tendencies that include getting immediate results, causing action, accepting challenges, making quick decisions, taking authority, managing trouble, and solving problems.

Kim's secondary behavior style is Conscientiousness. The reason for this is because in the article it says that Kim has established extremely high standards for themselves and others, is highly dedicated to their work and they are also extremely through and orderly. All these characteristics are those of the conscientiousness style. People that posses this style have tendencies that include adhering to key directives and standards, thinking analytically weighing pros and cons, and analyzing performance critically.

Now once you combine Kim's two styles as dominance being the primary style and conscientiousness being the secondary style, Kim's classical behavior pattern would be the creative pattern. According to DISC 2001, each pattern has a list of categories that describe the pattern so you can better know that the individual posses. The first category is emotions and for...
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