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Organizational Psychology Paper

Tamara Syas


Heather Hensell

Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology is a field that utilizes scientific methodology to better understand the behavior of individuals working in organizational settings. The knowledge is also used in a variety of ways to help make organizations more effective. Effective organizations are typically more productive and they often provide higher-quality service to customers, and they are usually more financially successful than less effective organizations. Organizational Psychology is also the behavior of individuals acting as members of formal organizations. Organizational Psychology has a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives. The aspects of our lives that organizational psychology affects the food we eat, the cars we drive and the houses we live in. This type of organization is what we take for granted. We only notice these effects when the results are either good or very bad. Research is a major focus in this field and is essential to developing the principles that will eventually contribute to the design of new methods and procedural applications for various aspects of the work environment. Research methods may range from simple observation of behavior to more elaborate designs. Statistical methods may range from very simple descriptive measures, to very elaborate model testing. Research and statistical analysis is also crucial to the practice of organizational psychology. This type of research can be used to evaluate some intervention designed to enhance organizational effectiveness. Research and methodology and statistical analysis have both emerged as legitimate fields of study within organizational psychology. There are thousands of research questions that have, and continue to be, explored by organizational psychologists. Organizational Psychologist has several options when collecting data about behavior in...
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