Behave in a Way That Supports Effective Working

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Unit 201 -Behave in a way that supports effective working

Set high standards of your work and show commitment in achieving these standards

Each morning when I arrive at work I have to sort out the days purchase orders that need to be dispatched.

The deadline for all the orders to be processed is 12 noon so that carriers can be booked for collection of the goods.

However by setting my own high standards of making sure the orders are processed for 11am, I then give myself enough time to amend any corrections and allow the warehouse manager to notify me of any mistakes so that by 12 noon all orders are processed accurately and have been checked thoroughly.

Showing commitment in achieving these standards I always make sure that I allow enough time for other important tasks to be completed, and I always make sure that all orders have been processed by 11am.

Understand your own needs and rights

Every employee within a workplace has there own needs and rights.

When at work I have the right to break times, lunchtimes, toilet facilities and drinking facilities.

I also need to make sure that my working environment is safe and healthy. Things like making sure that there are no safety hazards like electrical equipment which may be a danger for example: lack of insulation, faulty wiring or lack of earth connection which all could be potential fire hazards. If I do notice any problems I would need to notify my supervisor of the risk, as if it was left unrepaired then this could be a risk to both myself and other employees.

Show a willingness to take on new challenges

Earlier this year one of the office staff left the organisation to work elsewhere. This meant that I had to take on new job roles. New challenges where set such as being responsible for the processing of purchase orders every day and working in close line with the warehouse manager so that orders are processed correctly and on time.

I also had to take on new roles such as credit...
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